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At Mzanzi Consulting the aim is to work across three different levels to help your organisation achieve success.

These three layers are namely the Micro (Person), Meso (Team/Department) and Macro (Organisation). Providing Insight, analysis and interpretation to fundamentally change the way that that specific element works. Within the field of business psychology, we specialise in talent management and people development across the business landscape.
We support our clients by creating strategic and fit for purpose solutions in order to maximise every element of the employee lifecycle. i.e. attract, select, recruit, place, develop, coach, promote, motivate, and retain employees, within the context of the business problem we aim to solve.

We believe people are the organisation’s biggest assets and our aim is to ensure we grow and sustain that productivity in driving performance, at all three levels across the business, with emphasis on aligning this to business goals. The all-embracing objective is to cultivate organisational potential to execute strategy effectively.

Integration of the Macro, Meso and Micro Layers

Whether it’s the addressing of a dysfunction in one of those elements or simply building a stronger element, we at Mzanzi Consulting know how to help you and your business achieve your bottom line and a competitive advantage through results.

  • Change Readiness Assessments
  • Organisational Culture Analysis and Intervention
  • Values/Behaviour/Competency Framework Design
  • Organisational Development
  • Executive Leadership Impact Analysis
  • Strategy Facilitation
  • 360 Design
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning Framework
  • Performance Psychology
  • Identification and Development of High Potentials
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Building
  • Bespoke Training
  • Interpersonal Intelligence Development
  • Team Strategy Workshops
  • Assessment Centres
  • Executive Coaching (Including the use of cognitive behavioural therapy methodology)
  • Selection and Development Assessments
  • Women’s Career Development
  • Psychometrics
  • 360 Feedback


This refers to the entire business brand, the architecture in the business, the policies, values, culture, norms and environment.


This refers to the behaviour of the team or department. The norms for the smaller group and the behaviours/sub cultures associated with it.


Micro refers to the person themselves, how they are affected and the effect they bring.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

Here is a little bit about me

A South African born and bred Organisational Psychologist with a passion for people and strategy. Many people have asked me why I never went down the Clinical route if I enjoy helping people so much? Truth is I simply enjoy commercial acumen too much to ignore. So why not strike the happy medium between a business and people orientation? Hence I found myself drawn to organisational dynamics, the way people affect what we do, how we do it and hopefully why we do it as a business.

The best thing about working with businesses and/or people is the “ah-ha” moments. Those Light bulb moments that indicate the peak of both change and awareness is rewarding for both me and my clients. I love the impact that can have and love sharing in their success.

I am currently in the early Stages of my PhD in Organisational Psychology with an anchor in learning agility and the performance index with regards to leadership.

Jessica Pinnock Mzanzi Consulting

I love everything to do with people and the cause and effect relationships. I have lectured and written about resillience, talent, personality assessment, selection and development and leadership importance.

I relish a challenge and hope I can help you in some way.

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Jessica Pinnock

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